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Plans for future Make a Blanket Sessions

Posted by Mary Crew on December 28, 2016 at 11:30 PM
We are now into February as far as making plans for group Make a Blanket Sessions. We have all the available dates filled for January, so we are taking dates for February and beyond. Please remember that we live in the Charlotte area, and it takes us time to schedule volunteers, plot a map to your location, and make arrangements with our families and activities to be able to travel to your location. Also, take into consideration the abilities and skills of your group. Children under about 8 are often not skilled enough to measure and cut the fleece for making no-sew blankets. Adults usually need at very least one and a half hours to get our instructions and make blankets. We start our sessions with a short talk about our organization and what/why we do. Then we give instructions on how to make the blankets by our methods. It will probably be different from your previous experience, so stay open minded about our method. If you need to do your own Make-a-Blanket session, we respectfully ask that you make the blankets as carefully as possible using very straight cuts, leaving loose plump knots in the fringe so we can remake the blanket if it comes out ragged. We have a lot of blankets to process, and it will speed the delivery of your blankets to recipient children if the blankets meet national standards. We take each blanket and inspect it, label it with our special Project Linus labels, and then launder it before bagging it with others to distribute to the various facilities and organizations who help us get the blankets to the children. Because of the HIPPA and privacy laws, we cannot guarantee you the possibility of giving out blankets to individuals. We very seldom get to see the kids who get our blankets, but we know they are given out as we get word back from some recipients and parents, letting us know how much tour blankets have comforted and given security and good feelings to the children. Thank you for considering helping us make these precious blankets.

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