Project Linus Charlotte, NC

Tips to Remember for Fleece Blankets

 We suggest that you watch the video giving instructions on making fleece blankets to our local specifications.  It might be helpful if you read through the directions below first, then watch the video, when we get it uploaded.

Needed:  1&1/2 yard polar or glacier fleece.  Do not buy the flimsy or lined or sweatshirt fleece.  

Start with at least a one & 1/2 to two yards  of the fleece.  The cloth stores will usually cut it for you into the length you want.

Cut off the selvage: the edge with the textile information on one side and the curled edge on the other, with tiny needle holes along it.  Please cut it straight.  THIS STEP IS MOST IMPORTANT. 

To help make the fringe nice and even, use inexpensive masking tape (the expensive stuff will warp the fabric) to mark off a straight line across the width of the blanket 5 inches from the edge.  Then, cut 1 inch wide, NO MORE NO LESS, strips up to the masking tape from the edge.  Use a ruler to help you get the strips just right.  

Tie SINGLE knots close to the edge of the blanket, or at least make all of them the same.

After tying the knots in the fringe, take off the masking tape.  Then do the same at the other end. You only need to fringe two opposite ends of the blanket.  

After making the blanket, if the  fringe sides look bunched up with the knots, you may pull it gently to stretch it back out to length/width.

When washing the synthetic fleece, never use fabric softener.  It makes the fleece rough and full of "pills." 

Remember to never leave any pins, needles, staples, tape, buttons, charms, or anything in/on the blanket which could hurt or choke a child or another person. 

Turn in your blanket to a Project Linus representative or take it to one of our  drop off locations listed on this website, so we can label it and distribute it to a deserving child.  Thank you, and know your blanket is a handmade hug for someone special who needs it. 


Blanket Guidelines:

Blankets must be handmade, unused, and made of unused materials.

All types: 30" x 30" preemie blankets,  36" x 36" infant-baby-toddler,

36' x 45" grade school children, 45" x 54" and larger-teens to 18 yrs old 

No attachments(charms, ribbon, etc.), no animal fiber, no cigarette smell accepted.  

Other types of blankets

We haven't included other directions for making blankets such as quilts, crochet, and knit blankets because there are so many different methods and designs.  If you need a pattern for those types of blankets, please check out the website which is the national organization's main website.  They have several patterns available and can direct you to others which are available online.   We accept most anything at our chapter because we have so many different organizations which like varieties of blankets.  We welcome your donations and will find someone who will appreciate your loving work.  We just ask that you follow the main requirements that animal fiber/cloth not be used in the making of the blanket, and keep it away from cigarette smoke.  Use a base of 36" x 36" as a starting point, unless you wish to make a blanket for a larger child.  We do have many children who are older and larger, and appreciate a blanket.  Also, we have difficulty getting enough for boys.  Keep this in mind when choosing fabric and yarn for your donation of a blanket.  Thanks so much for your consideration.