Project Linus Charlotte, NC

Fleece Blanket Making Session

If you wish to make no-sew fleece blankets with a group, for instance: a club, church, or corporation, please contact us at:  or  704-545-3868.

We have done many of these and have found that the following 10 items are absolutely necessary for a successful activity:

1. Supply the Group Name, Day, Date, Time, Place & Address -- maybe driving directions also.

2.Tell us the type of group and ages, example: church-high school, college club, corporation-adults, scouts-fifth graders. 

3. Supply the number of participants so we have enough helpers.

4. How many blankets do you want to make?

5. We need a minimum of one and a half hours to accomplish the task, so schedule enough time.  We like to arrive about 20 minutes early for set up.

6. Supply close parking with easy access to entrance of building. We can't bring our supplies and climb stairs as we have heavy carts and boxes, &/or fleece.

7. Arrange security clearance and let us know our part for this.

8. You need a large room and tables to make blankets.  A classroom with desks which can be pushed together will do if necessary.

9. Will you be supplying the fleece or do you need ours?  If you need ours, we ask for a $5 donation per blanket to cover the cost of the fleece.  We bring the scissors and other tools for making the blankets and instructions at no cost. We may not have enough fleece for large groups, over 20 participants.  

10.  We need a first and last name of the person making arrangements or in charge, as well as a mailing address for acknowledgement after the session.Very important is an emergency contact number in case something beyond our control happens while we are in route to your session.  

If you have this information ready when you contact us, it will save time, money & energy. We hope you will enjoy our help in making blankets for kids in trauma.